Tomoe Gozen

There is nothing I love more than a character skin, a skin inspired by something or someone. A skin that makes you think, wonder or dream. A skin that makes you want to shoot a million pictures of it, and not in a circle jerk, I love my av kinda way.

MIA Jinn has created the kind of skins that make me drool, and keep my in PS for hours playin around. Her store MJ+DADA was a new to me store, but I stood in her Skin/Shape Expo booth for hours after the first vendor pic pic had rezzed, waiting excitedly for the rest. Shown here are her charity Skins [MJ+DADA] MJD*2-04 TOMOE M3-03 and [MJ+DADA] MJD*2-04 TOMOE M5-03.

The name of the skin, Tomoe, rang a bell way back in the dark recesses of my mind. So I scanned MIA’s blog and found this Wiki link. Tomoe Gozen was one of the few examples of a true female warrior samurai in all of Japanese history. She was a samurai during the time of the Genpei War (1180–1185). Her name is pronounced [tomo.e].
If the story fascinates you as much as it did me, follow the link and read on! It clearly inspired MIA, as she has made an amazing set of skins, based on her imaginings of Tomoe. Really beautiful, creative skins I think you’ll love. I can’t wait to see more from this talented designer. Ash Out.

MJ+DADA Charity Skins @ Skin/Shape Expo 09

Meet Keisha

I’ve shown you some amazing skins from my friend Steiner before, and I’m so stoked that he is at the Expo, and that I can show you his release.

This is Keisha, and she is so gorgeous. With each new release, I can see Steiner’s talent growing, it’s very exciting for both him and his store SD Skins.

I look very different today no? That’s because I slipped into a yummy shape by Leafy called Bree. I was going through all my items to blog with Jussy, and as soon as I put on this shape with Steiner’s skin, we were both speechless. Such a classy, grown up look, it’s so beautiful.

There a 8 makeups for Keisha, and 3 different hair options, so when you buy a pack, you actualy get 24 skins, which is bargain.

Find this and so much more at The Skin/Shape Expo 09. A massive thank you to Ms Sasy Scarborough for putting the slurl list shown below together. Also check out for more info on where your hard earned lindens will be going. All the organisers and designers have worked so very hard, and I wish my fellow designers a very succesful expo. Now I think I’ma sleep for a few hours, after pulling 3 days of double duty wearing my respective blogger/designer hat.

Expo Stores/Slurls
Landing HUB A

Landing HUB B

Adam n Eve

Aimesi Skins


Atelier La



Body by Eve

Body Doubles

Body Perfect


Chai Nova



Curio (Gala)



De Mode

Djinn & Tonic


Foxy Curves


Gees Design

Hourglass Shapes









La Petite Morte




Less than Three

Little Bird





Maverick Design



Milk Motion

MJ + Dada

N0 9


Pink Fuel


Rock Candy



SD Skins


Shape It Up

Shape Mania

Shapes by Kira

Shapes by Liz




Sin Decade

Skin Tight

Skin Within

Slut Cookie & Co

Snow Rabbit


Splendilicous Skins and Shapes

Sui Generis

Sweets Party

The Body Politik

The Obscene

The Plastik

This is Fawn


Tyranny Designs

Valkyria Physiques


SD Skins @ The Skin/Shape Expo 09
Bree By Leafy @ The Skin/Shape Expo 09
Last Call

Pink Fuel At The Fair

It opens tomorrow, Skin/Shape Expo that is!! For me it’s been a flurry of reverted prims, my failure at operating even the simplest of scripts, and doing stoopid shit like not activating my tags before throwing down my whole damn booth. I are the smart. But, my failings aside, it is such a joy to be around some of the most creative people around, and to see such amazing skins and shapes.

pf8 copy

pf4 copy

Pink Fuel was already one of my favie stores. Then Mochi started making skins. Can you say ready to combust? Absolutely gorgeous hand drawn yummyness, beautifully quirky makeups and lovely right on the mark tones.

pf7 copy

pf3 copy

pf6 copy

pf2 copy

These are but a few of the makeups on offer at the fair, Beesting and Leafy being my faves so far. I love the flushed red lip of Beesting, and the barely there eye.

pf5 copy

pf1 copy

The body is amazing, a really cute butt, and not overdone boobs. The face is to die for also, the button nose is incredible. Yes, it’s a puppies and rainbows post from me, just deal :p My day has been maxing out the stress radar, so it’s nice to relax and appreciate these delicious skins. Find them and so much more at the Expo when it opens officially tomorrow. Ash Out.

Pink Fuel @ The Skin/Shape Expo 09
KC -Contessa

Adam & Eve Skin Fair Yummies

A&Eartsy copy

Skin/Shape Expo 09 is almost upon us and I for one am so totally stoked. Not only is it a charity event, but you are gonna be seeing so many new/upcoming designers. Apart from me being a part of this, a few of my good friends are also taking part, and I can’t wait to show you their awesome shit.

A&Edesire2 copy

A&Edesire1 copy

Sachi is someone I have admired for years, in recent times I have been honoured to show her amazing art, and to hear all about her creative process. I have many skins in my inv from Sachi named “test” or “Beta”, and those are stunning, let alone the finished product.

A&Eaki2 copy

A&EAki1 copy

Adam & Eve have many new releases happening at the fair, including GUY’S SKINS!!!!!

A&Eamanda1 copy

A&Eamanda2 copy

What you see here is but a small sample of things to come from Adam & Eve, the freckles are incredible, I’m such a sucker for freckles. Every skin maker I know does them differently, myself included. Each take is as unique as the individual freckles themselves.

A&Eportia1 copy

A&Eportia2 copy

Portia has to be my standout from Sachi. She is just so drop dead gorgy. I’ll be first in line to buy the whole lot when the official opening happens. Ash Out.

Adam & Eve @ Skin/Shape Expo 09


Once upon a time, there was a group of fresh faced sl-ers, back when clubs and dancing in sl were the shit. We all hosted or DJ’d at various clubs round the grid, making money to pay for uploads (in my case) or practicing torturing prims, in the case of Anuitka Barthelmess and Zara Yip. Back when Voodoo was the place to be, Zara managed the club, Annuitka and I hosted, Jester and Karr DJ’d, and Kenlee was the long suffering PR type person.

What a difference nearly 3 years makes. We’ve all moved on to do the things we love, and you can really tell Anuitka loves what she does. Kraftika has gone from strength to strength. You will find some gorgeous pieces at the store and at the Jewelery Fair. The stunning necklace 133 is a standout for me, it’s the perfect statement piece for that special occasion.

The bangles are out of this world. You have a million choices of stacks, colours, thickness. I chose the 304 bracelets for this post, I just love them. The ring, unfortunately can’t be bought. Anu made it for me years ago, as practice, and it’s something I really hold dear. Just putting it on reminds me of those first days in our SL, and reminds me that there are eleventy twelve billion reasons I have stayed, and most of those reasons have to do with the people. Ash Out.

Kraftika-NO 133 Necklace, NO 304 Bracelets, Ashia’s Golden Ring (not for sale)
Idiosyncrasy-Lucy Makeup 4 Sunkissed

Kitsune Couture And The Fair

Ms Justice dragged me to the Jewelery Fair very early SLT. For her it was 5am, and she’d been up for nearly 24hrs (she works ridonculously long hours) I’m not usually an accesories fan ( terribly not fashion of me, I know) but I did find an amazing store that I fell in love with. Also, Sasy sent me to grab some Ug boots, and me being dopey couldn’t find them. Cue emo whining, and she tp’d in to hold my hand :P Then her hair rezzed. Then it was all over for the poor boots, sasy’s hair won. She introduced me to the designer Niennra Kitsune, much chatting ensued, and she drowned me in hair, literally.


Gfield is a new to me store, apparently I live under a rock, because how on earth they escaped my radar is beyond me! I fell in love so hard with the Rusty Rose set, bloody of course.


The head wreath is just breathtaking. I have a bajillion ideas for photos with this, stuff that inspires stuff is total win.


I’ll tell you a wee bit about Niennra. You may have previously associated her with the Magika brand. Until recently she worked with Sabina, the fashion section was hers. She has struck out on her own now, with Sabina’s blessing. The result is Kitsune Couture. The hair is gorgy, my fave textures, I love the blonde, srsly.


She also has clothes!!! Soo worth a look. Now that’s entirely enough writing for me, as my arm has swollen to twice the size it was yesterday and aches like a motherfucker. Ash Out.

All Jewelery
Gfield @ The Jewlery Fair
All Hair
Kitsune Couture
All Skins

You’re A Fake, Baby

I’ve been lacking in ethusiasms for blogging, but that has more to do with my emo puddle rather than the clothes on the grid. However, I saw this post by Linda and was a bit of a flutter over the shooz. Just my kind of super cute, so I had to go check out the store Fake.

I was stoked to find many quirky, very resonably priced pieces, all of which can be mixed and matched. I was also stoked to see the clothes were fun! And such a nice change for me from being a beaten, black leather wearing Ash :P

The outfit shown above I think is my fave. The button details are just so adorables, and I love love the top. I’ll be going back to get the rest of the colours.

These pinstripe pants are so awesome. The prim parts are also really cool, giving the impression of baggy wrinkledness. Now I’m off to get yet another rl tattoo, I’ll post pics here when it’s down! Have a bonus Alexander vid, cos that’s what I was listening to when I shot these pics. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Fake-Salute Jumper Red
Fake-Hollywood Heels Hooker Red
Idiosyncrasy-Riley makeup1 Sunkissed

Pic 2
Fake-Moew Pants Dorian Grey, Meow Top Rose
Idiosyncrasy-Mia Sunkissed Base (unreleased)

Pic 3
Fake-Fakies Pants Pinstripe, Wannabe Academic Pink
Idiosyncrasy– Lucy makeup 6 Sunkissed


There is much sadness. After spending a blissful 2 weeks with my love, sadly time is up and he went home yesterday. However, on the plus side, we got engaged :P And now after moving to London just a few weeks ago, I’ll be moving to Seattle next year! I’m kinda glad I can still be a bit of a gypsy, it just wouldn’t be *me* if I wasn’t trotting round the globe with mini Ash in tow.

So for the first time in ages, here I am on the grid, looking for trouble and trying very hard not to shop. Paradisis clothes always have the power to cheer me up, especially the skirt that looks suspiciously like a belt :P

I’ve paired a few oldtime faves with an amazing coat from Jeckalicious, which I scored for free as part of the Demonology Hunt. It really is an amazing gift, so many ways to wear it and loads of options, Ash=happy. Now it’s back to emoing, I may just spam Flickr with moody pics full of diffuse glow :p Ash Out.

Micro skirt-Paradisis
Wrapped Boots-AVZ
Pushed And Shoved-VW (now Epoque)
Devon Makeup 6 Sunkissed-Idiosyncrasy

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