You’re A Fake, Baby

I’ve been lacking in ethusiasms for blogging, but that has more to do with my emo puddle rather than the clothes on the grid. However, I saw this post by Linda and was a bit of a flutter over the shooz. Just my kind of super cute, so I had to go check out the store Fake.

I was stoked to find many quirky, very resonably priced pieces, all of which can be mixed and matched. I was also stoked to see the clothes were fun! And such a nice change for me from being a beaten, black leather wearing Ash :P

The outfit shown above I think is my fave. The button details are just so adorables, and I love love the top. I’ll be going back to get the rest of the colours.

These pinstripe pants are so awesome. The prim parts are also really cool, giving the impression of baggy wrinkledness. Now I’m off to get yet another rl tattoo, I’ll post pics here when it’s down! Have a bonus Alexander vid, cos that’s what I was listening to when I shot these pics. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Fake-Salute Jumper Red
Fake-Hollywood Heels Hooker Red
Idiosyncrasy-Riley makeup1 Sunkissed

Pic 2
Fake-Moew Pants Dorian Grey, Meow Top Rose
Idiosyncrasy-Mia Sunkissed Base (unreleased)

Pic 3
Fake-Fakies Pants Pinstripe, Wannabe Academic Pink
Idiosyncrasy– Lucy makeup 6 Sunkissed

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