Kitsune Couture And The Fair

Ms Justice dragged me to the Jewelery Fair very early SLT. For her it was 5am, and she’d been up for nearly 24hrs (she works ridonculously long hours) I’m not usually an accesories fan ( terribly not fashion of me, I know) but I did find an amazing store that I fell in love with. Also, Sasy sent me to grab some Ug boots, and me being dopey couldn’t find them. Cue emo whining, and she tp’d in to hold my hand :P Then her hair rezzed. Then it was all over for the poor boots, sasy’s hair won. She introduced me to the designer Niennra Kitsune, much chatting ensued, and she drowned me in hair, literally.


Gfield is a new to me store, apparently I live under a rock, because how on earth they escaped my radar is beyond me! I fell in love so hard with the Rusty Rose set, bloody of course.


The head wreath is just breathtaking. I have a bajillion ideas for photos with this, stuff that inspires stuff is total win.


I’ll tell you a wee bit about Niennra. You may have previously associated her with the Magika brand. Until recently she worked with Sabina, the fashion section was hers. She has struck out on her own now, with Sabina’s blessing. The result is Kitsune Couture. The hair is gorgy, my fave textures, I love the blonde, srsly.


She also has clothes!!! Soo worth a look. Now that’s entirely enough writing for me, as my arm has swollen to twice the size it was yesterday and aches like a motherfucker. Ash Out.

All Jewelery
Gfield @ The Jewlery Fair
All Hair
Kitsune Couture
All Skins

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