Adam & Eve Skin Fair Yummies

A&Eartsy copy

Skin/Shape Expo 09 is almost upon us and I for one am so totally stoked. Not only is it a charity event, but you are gonna be seeing so many new/upcoming designers. Apart from me being a part of this, a few of my good friends are also taking part, and I can’t wait to show you their awesome shit.

A&Edesire2 copy

A&Edesire1 copy

Sachi is someone I have admired for years, in recent times I have been honoured to show her amazing art, and to hear all about her creative process. I have many skins in my inv from Sachi named “test” or “Beta”, and those are stunning, let alone the finished product.

A&Eaki2 copy

A&EAki1 copy

Adam & Eve have many new releases happening at the fair, including GUY’S SKINS!!!!!

A&Eamanda1 copy

A&Eamanda2 copy

What you see here is but a small sample of things to come from Adam & Eve, the freckles are incredible, I’m such a sucker for freckles. Every skin maker I know does them differently, myself included. Each take is as unique as the individual freckles themselves.

A&Eportia1 copy

A&Eportia2 copy

Portia has to be my standout from Sachi. She is just so drop dead gorgy. I’ll be first in line to buy the whole lot when the official opening happens. Ash Out.

Adam & Eve @ Skin/Shape Expo 09

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