Pink Fuel At The Fair

It opens tomorrow, Skin/Shape Expo that is!! For me it’s been a flurry of reverted prims, my failure at operating even the simplest of scripts, and doing stoopid shit like not activating my tags before throwing down my whole damn booth. I are the smart. But, my failings aside, it is such a joy to be around some of the most creative people around, and to see such amazing skins and shapes.

pf8 copy

pf4 copy

Pink Fuel was already one of my favie stores. Then Mochi started making skins. Can you say ready to combust? Absolutely gorgeous hand drawn yummyness, beautifully quirky makeups and lovely right on the mark tones.

pf7 copy

pf3 copy

pf6 copy

pf2 copy

These are but a few of the makeups on offer at the fair, Beesting and Leafy being my faves so far. I love the flushed red lip of Beesting, and the barely there eye.

pf5 copy

pf1 copy

The body is amazing, a really cute butt, and not overdone boobs. The face is to die for also, the button nose is incredible. Yes, it’s a puppies and rainbows post from me, just deal :p My day has been maxing out the stress radar, so it’s nice to relax and appreciate these delicious skins. Find them and so much more at the Expo when it opens officially tomorrow. Ash Out.

Pink Fuel @ The Skin/Shape Expo 09
KC -Contessa

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