There is nothing I love more than a change of pace, and it’s even more awesome when the whole crew gets on board. I’m speaking of my latest love affair with all things retro. Sasy, being the queen of system skirts had no problem joining me for the ride, but it was especially nice to see Jussy wearing something ultra feminine on her usually tomboy av.

This amazing lingerie is from Vita Bella. Beautiful, well made pieces that hark back to the glamorous days when women were always groomed to within an inch of their lives, and Burlesque was both secret and revered.

What would a retro post be without the classic 50’s poodle skirt and halter neck? Get yours from 1800 Betties. I chose the Cherries version, as to me that symbol and the 50’s go hand in hand.

The beautiful Puma Jie is from Icing. It was an old fave of mine that I had to re purchase today, due to my inv vanishing in an update last year, taking all my retro pretties (hence the 7K spending spree today)!

And to bring us home, Marilyn. Classic, iconic, beautifuly damaged, and still an enigma to this day. The dress was found at Jetdoll as part of the 50% off sale. All hairs are from Ingenue, another old favie of mine, and the scene of most of my linden spending, damn you Betty :p Ash Out.

Outfit 1
Vita Bella– Miss Scarlet
Ingenue-Diva Deux

Outfit 2
1800 Betties-Cherries Halter

Outfit 3
Icing-Puma Jie

Outfit 4

Skin Worn Throughout
Mia Pinup 4-Pale-Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

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