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So I’ve been having a bit of a slump lately, feeling uninspired blogging wise. It all came to a head last night with me screaming like a banshee in Sasy’s ear that I hated my inventory, hated taking pictures and hated everything. So she set me a challenge, no blood, no darkness and no emo for a week. Fast forward 12 hours, and oh how bright a new morning can be! So here’s my first non dark post, ironic considering Halloween’s coming up :P

Sharing the Blackmarket space with Ms Anya Ohmai and the girls has been a blast, and I thought it was high time to check out her main store, !Ohmai. I dragged Sasy with me so we could ooh and aah over the gorgy pieces together. Shown above is the Spun Silk gown and god it’s so pretty, floaty, and totally not something I would normally wear. But always one to take on a challenge, I’m so glad I did cos I felt like a princess and didn’t want to take it off.

The Nina sweater in absolutely stunning, and paired with the sheer leggings, it’s an awesome, comfy combo. Cos it’s freezing here in London, I’m wearing big sweaters I can layer under, so this outfit felt right at home for me.

And to finish, the super cute Puff Blouse, shown here in Lavender. I’m so loving all the pieces from Anya’s store (I think i bought it all) and I can’t wait for her to do pants, jeans and moar shorts :P Demanding asshole aint I! Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

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  1. I love your skins, and this one looks to be the best yet. One thing though, all your noses (at the bridge where it connects to the forehead) look the same. You should soften this one up. it would really make the face cuter. Just a suggestion. either way it’s great, just the noses always look the same to me. A lot of people who make skins in sl seem to have this issue with their noses though. Again great work though!

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