So part 2 of my no emo, no blood, no grunge week comes to you from Beetlebones. While shopping at !Ohmai yesterday, I had tp’d to one of the sattelite locations, leaving Sasy to wander round Horst. Then she yells “omg sale” so back I go to Beetlebones to check out what was going on.

Sasy had the misfortune of crashing mid shop, leaving me an extra 5 mins to run upstairs and buy everything :P It was decided when she came back, she would blog the downstairs clothes and I would cover the upsatirs ones. This first look is my fave I think. I love shorts, and high waisted ones are so cute. I’ve paired them here with the Jailbird Sweater in grey area. With the 50% off sale, the pieces are stupidly cheap, between 10 and 40L……BUY EVERYTHING.

What would a happy post be without a prom dress? This one is beautifully textured, the skirt is amazing, and it’s called Bringing Slexy Back. Yes, yes it is.

The Nicola dress in Vanilla Bean has so many elements I’m loving in sl clothing at the moment. System skirt, wonderfully simple, unfussy design and gorgeous ruffles just to add the finishing touch. I’m gonna try to get another post out later today, as tomorrow, my rl arm will be out of action because I’m having part 2 of my tattoo sleeve done……sooo excited! Ash Out.

Blonde Hair
Brown Hair
Mia-Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

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