We Interrupt Your Cute Scheduling……………….

It started last night, as most things in our crew do, with an “omgomgomgomg” IM. We ended up TP’ing round the grid grabbing amazingness and I had a quick convo with Ivey as to how I could have missed her releasing a posture collar (more on that in a later post). Somehow we got separated at Sn@tch, and I was in Pulse while Whimsy and Sasy were still in Sn@tch City.

The credit for finding this amazing outfit all goes to Whimsy, who stood in front of it while rezzing, then squealed in voice about how gorgy the kimono was next to it. I landed on her head and the Ghost Hakama outfit by Selos Dae of Trap rezzed in for me. No word of a lie, it took my breath away.

It was made for the Fantasy Fair and is an accompanying piece to the Ishiko Kimono from Gauze. It is absolutely stunning and proof positive for me that Selos should branch out and make more clothes ASAP, now, kthnx :P

There are parts for guys and girls, and even though I’m teeny, I didn’t need to adjust a thing. I feel so badass in fact, I ran round doing 50L Fridays dressed thusly, lag and everyone be dammned! Now I’m off to get mini Ash from school, then collapse, as four hours in the tattoo chair is alot, even for a badass such as myself :P Ash Out.

Ghost Hakama-Trap
Mia Doll-Idiosyncrasy

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