A La Folie

Not many words today, except for, arm swollen,very sore, Ash no sleep. Look at the pretty pics instead :P

Wait! I must tell you a bit about the dress first before I hit the sack. A La Folie is a new to me store, that already has quite a following. Josephine, shown above and below is my standout from the store. There are some really lovely pieces, well worth a look.

Also a perfect opportunity for me to practice accessorising (wow that looks like far too many c’s and s’s :P) My stunning choker is from MANNA Boutique, I think I picked it up from the Albero Fair, but don’t quote me on that. Ash Out.

A La Folie
Mia Pinup-Idiosyncrasy
MANNA Boutique


2 thoughts on “A La Folie

  1. you look incredible, that dress is stunning and I have been admiring the necklace all day with it…beautiful , I hope your arm heals soon


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