My non emo week isnt up yet, although there is nothing I’d love more than to get covered in sl blood, to reflect the rl pain I’m in at the moment. Sasy said to me the other day “I can’t believe you took all that time to recover from the first part of your tatt and now youre going back for more!” Yup, glutton for punishment me.

Pretties from Nyte’N’Day have cheered me up no end, and made not being grungy, deadset easy. This first dress is called Dial, and is all kinds of sexy. From the skintight lushness, to the split up to lord knows where, it’s my sort of yummy.

For a formal event, look no further than Glimmer, it’s stunning in it’s chic simpleness. You have a huge range of colours to choose from to suit any need.

Isn’t Tartan the cutest! It always reminds me of our Creamy, and I can never resist. Head to Nyte’N’Day and check out these new releases and much more. Ash Out.

pic 1-Fri.day
pic 2-Vanity
pic 3-Wild O
Mia Pinup-Idiosyncrasy

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