A few things have cheered me up over the last few days. Doing Sasy’s challenge has given me a new blogging lease on slife, the Designers United event has made me almost cry from the amazingness, Aoharu and Torie Senne of Bebae fame have me running round the grid with a perma grin. Then of course, there are the most perfect bangs ever in the history of bangs that never normally suit Ash. Thank you Lamb for making me so fashion it hurts :P

Holy shit where to start? Well skin I reckon. Fabia from Bebae is the all new, fresh outta Photoshop release. A much more grown up skin I feel, at least on my av’s face. This is not a bad thing as Sas and Whims are forever calling me “Babyface Tomsen”. But in all seriousness, strong brows are a selling point for me skinwise, and Fabia has those. The body is scrummy, awesome cleavage and tummy.

Then there’s the jackets, shirts and tops from Machang of Aoharu fame. I have spent a small fortune in the last 24 hrs at Aoharu, and it’s some of the best money I’ve spent. Get there ASAP, and indulge in some luxuriousness.

Then there’s the latest release from Lamb. Bangs are not usually my thang, but these bangs, they’re amazing. You must demo. Now I’m off to bed, Mini Ash is not only sick, but is on half term…..I NEED TO SLEEP :P Ash Out.

Roll Up Rider-Aoharu
Lowrise 69 Jeans-Sn@tch

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  1. Holy – almost cussed big time – you are so fashion it’s awesome..you look hot chicky, not exactly cute but it will pass ;) love …


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