Paradisis Newness

My cute/non emo week is drawing to a close and it’s been fun to think outside the box and try things I wouldn’t normaly.

However, Pardisis is a store I’ve blogged before, but I’ve never looked at the clothes as cute. Sexy, yes, cute not so much. But I did find some cuteness in the latest release, or it might have been released previously but I overlooked it :P The Student Top, shown here in pink, is awesome. You get 2 options on loads of layers, and I just adore the tie.

The Streets Girl outfit shown here in Rosewood, can be much sexier than I’m showing it, depending on just how daring you feel like being. You get all options, on all layers, so you could peel it all off for your significant other, just sayin!

The Pure top, in white made me chuckle, mostly cos it’s ripped to shreds and held together with pins, yet you have the word “Pure” across your pixel boobs. I do so love contradictions. Ash Out.

Pic 1-Hoorenbeek
Pic 2-Maitreya

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