Skin Fair Peek

Skin Fair starts tomorrow and man there are some amazing releases. Not only skins, I have seen lashes to die for, like you can’t live without must have in your inv this very second kthnxbai.

Redgrave is releasing 2 skins and a slew of lashes, as well as the most eyepopping cleavage enhancements in 3 levels of vavoom. Shown here is Rhianna 2 in tan.

Not only have the bodies changed, the tones have also. The light is actually a light, although with this skin in particular it didn’t work. It completely blew the bridge of the nose out so I looked like I didnt have one, so Tan it was.

The makeups were my big selling point, these are amazing, you need to demo to see what I mean. And I’m stoked the nude is actually a nude, as in no makeup! Lovers of Redgrave will be impressed with the release of this skin and Summer, the other fair release. The Fair starts on the 7th, hang onto your hats ladies and gents! Ash Out.

SkinFair-Vanity Sim

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