PXL @ The Fair

There were a few releases at the fair that I was excited about for weeks beforehand, and PXL’s was one of those. Following Hart’s progress on Plurk, and being teased with yummy pics didn’t help my impatience!

July is a huge leap forward in my eyes. Hart asked me what I thought, and honestly, I think it’s his best work yet. There is a very definite difference between July’s face and previous releases. The lips and nose are the most obvious changes, both suiting my av beautifully. The gloss is subtle, but stunning, and the shape of the mouth is very sexy.

Hart has really gone to town option wise, you have the following eye makeups: nude, cat, dark and smoke. The following lips: Nude, Pale, Coffee, Pink, Rose, Red, Passion, Wine, 3 brow colours, freckles and cleavage. Phew. My fave makeup of all time on any skin is the dark, emo eye with a paler than pale lip, closely followed by fire engine red lips with a classic catliner. Both of those are done brilliantly by Hart.

The body is lovely and detailed, without being creepy real. You’ll have to demo to see that though :P There are 3 tones available at the fair, with more to be released soon. Ash Out.


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