Your Skin Your Shape @ The Fair

I first discovered YS&YS through Sileny over at Freestyle. She was all up in my IM box one day to go check out the store cos the skins are lush. I did, and they are. I was also really happy to have Monicuzza as my other neighbour at the fair, I’m a lushness sammich, yay me :P

Her skinfair releases are beautiful. Nicole is shown above, and perfectly captures icy, nordic beauty. I adore the brows, and her hairbase is one of the best in SL (IMO)

Kelly is a stunning olive toned skin, again the brows are my faves. I love love thick brows, and these just rock it hard. There is something so terribly exotic about this face, it really is beautiful.

I have saved my ultimate favorite for last. Michelle absolutely won my little pixel heart, and had Justice chasing me round our property trying to pinch my butt :P The makeups, facial features are my kind of perfection. You really need to try the demos and have a bit of alone time adoring yourself! Ash Out.


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