Chaisuki @ The Fair

One of the first things I noticed when setting up at the fair was how many designers this year had done incredible lashes. I sadly am not one of them as I fail at anything to do with prims. Sasy was pulling her hair out at my first attempt of building new vendors for my store, “Don’t you let Mel see you haven’t snapped to grid” Promise I won’t :P

Chaisuki is one of those stores that has an incredible array of lashes. Check out Ms Winx’s post to see them in detail. Chaisuki’s release for the fair is just as awesome though, Elise is a sneak peek of things ot come, and she is lovely. Check out my boobs, this is cleavage to fall in love with! And the hairbase is really great, I’m loving this option in so many of my favorite skins.

Shown above is Gina, released not too long ago. The selection of makeup is mind boggling, Stein and I just stood in awe watching them being set up. Everything is covered, from natural, freshfaced to high fashion looks. My faves are of course the dark eye, nude lip. What will your favorite be? Ash Out.


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