No fancy schmancy pictures today. These are raw in the truest sense of the word. Earlier tonight, while pricing items in my store after rebuilding, I was copybotted. Almendra Naidoo and her “friend” PANDITX Cybertar landed in my store and having had a few weird episodes with avs and empty profiles over the last few days (one we had to boot as she was wearing stolen hair from Truth) I right click inspected her hair. It was a Deviant Kitties design, with the wrong creator. I IM’d Sasy to come boot her and help me get the info we needed for an AR. Once she had rezed, Sasy said “she’s wearing your skin” then sent me a pic. The skin she had on was the one I was wearing, here’s the rub. It’s unreleased. I had only uploaded the textures not even 48 hours previously, and the skin itself was a day old. There is no way she could have bought/been given this skin. To say I feel sick is an understatement. Not only did this lazy, spoilt asshole have my skin, but also the clothes I was wearing, my hair, eyes and god knows what else she got her greedy hands on. She had the nerve to tell me she bought it from me. Ahem. It makes me wonder how these people justify their neverending greed. What is it they tell themselves so they can sleep soundly at night? Or do they really not give a shit?
I was not the only one hit, apparently, after speaking with several other designers, she has been doing the rounds of stores for the last day or so. Do yourselves a favor, and ban her. There is no other way of protecting your content or renters (if you are a sim owner). I’m showing pictures of what I was wearing, so if it shows up in places it’s not supposed to, you guys can AR it right away.

Skin (unreleased)
Idiosyncrasy Justice v2 Pale base C
Posture Collar (custom)
Hat Mechanic
Dancing Queen-Fishy Strawberry
Eye Patch
Prestige Boots In Red-Bax Coen

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  1. oh my honey… with you in the store! These people truly have no morals, no shame. To flaunt your own skin, not even on the racks yet. The rage I feel building…I want to kick their RL MF asses all the way down the street, then tie them up for a good flogging, then whack off their literal or figurative balls. This is your work, your effort, your love, your inspiration, an expression of self…started in your own tiny cute little pea brain. Obviously, I share your rage and hope the word spreads fast. LL needs to block all avs at these IP addresses because they spawn faster than rabbits, even though rabbits don’t spawn, but you know what I mean.

  2. I really feel for you – so sorry you had to suffer this. Thank you for giving the name and helping others protect themselves

  3. It was horrendous and right after just spending hours discussing this exact topic for a podcast. I know how much Ashia had been working on her skin/s and to have this unexpected weirdness two days in a row, is just beyond creepy.

    I just wish there was something more that could be done.


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