Ashia Pointe Ballet Slippers

It was way back in May of 08 that I first admitted my love for all things ballet. This obsession has spread across my inv with a huge collection of ballet boots/shoes/outfits, not to mention the fabulous updos!

So I logged in today to find really what was the best part of a totally shithouse day. Ashia Ballet Slippers. The amazing Siddean Munro of SLink has made some scrummy ballet slippers, in totally kickass colours. I’ve shown the blood ones here, well duh! You can also get Aubergine, Magenta, Onyx and Pewter.

These also come with a very user friendly HUD, and although I’m terribly challenged when it comes to that kind of thing, I found this one a breeze to use. Grab yours tomorrow/today (depending on your timezone) from SLink.

TP To Shoefair Here.

Swan Lake-Fishy Strawberry
Ashia Pointe Ballet Slippers-SLink
Mirai Style
Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

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