At a time of year when I would usually be hitting the beach, and complaining about the unbearable heat, I am instead wearing 43698745684567 layers of clothing and unable to move my fingers properly cos I’m so sodding cold. This English weather is gonna take some getting used to, and Winter hasnt even started properly yet.

So in honour of my freezing my real ass off, I thought I would show off the scrummy warm clothes my av has been wearing for the last couple of days. The look started with the awesome new cardigan from Bare Rose, Usakko. You get blue,brown,green,grey and pink in the pack, insane value, and it’s so warm and cuddly looking!

Of course the perfect hair was one of my all time faves from Mirai Style, Fuka. The hat is texture change so you get loads of options, I dont think it left my head for very long last winter :P Aaaaaaaaand the shoes. Sasy had tp’d me to a store months ago called HOC. My vivid memory from that trip was the ridiculously cheap price of all the shoes. My runners, 16 colour change, 40L. Mhmm, that was no typo. For a small selection of the wicked creations you’ll find at HOC, check out their booth at the Footwear Expo. Or you could do an Ash, go to the main store, and buy the lot. Ash out.

Mirai Style
Bare Rose
Idiosyncrasy Justice Is A Snow Bunny (custom I made for a photo Justice was doing, not for sale)

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