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So I figured I’d knock out a few posts to take my mind off the revolting weekend. As a break from Skinfair posts, I thought I’d show you some of the retail therapy I did to cheer myself up. It was an expensive weekend in more ways than one :P

nyte copy

I’ve got newness from Nyte ‘N’ Day in the form of the super cute Lijn dress in red. I love that the texturing makes you feel all cosy, while still sexy. I’m also showing off a new shape, Delyn Nelly, after meeting Linka Demina and her love, both of whom had on the best afros I’ve seen in ages. The lashes are also from Glow Studios, as are the earrings. Shock horror, me accessorising! The hair Dylan is from Maitreya, and the fat pack begged me to buy, swear.

nyteb copy

The beautiful top is Bloom in grey from Nyte ‘N’ Day, I’m showing it with the awesome harem pants from Uzuri, they really are happy pants. We loves our happy pants in Australia, I wish I was home, I do miss it terribly. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Lijn-Nyte & Day
Shape, earrings and lashes
Glow Studios/Delyn

Pic 2
Bloom-Nyte & Day
Harem Pants-Uzuri
Glow Studios/Delyn

Skin and hair worn throughout
Justice charity SKin
Idiosyncrasy (only avail at Skinfair)

No fancy schmancy pictures today. These are raw in the truest sense of the word. Earlier tonight, while pricing items in my store after rebuilding, I was copybotted. Almendra Naidoo and her “friend” PANDITX Cybertar landed in my store and having had a few weird episodes with avs and empty profiles over the last few days (one we had to boot as she was wearing stolen hair from Truth) I right click inspected her hair. It was a Deviant Kitties design, with the wrong creator. I IM’d Sasy to come boot her and help me get the info we needed for an AR. Once she had rezed, Sasy said “she’s wearing your skin” then sent me a pic. The skin she had on was the one I was wearing, here’s the rub. It’s unreleased. I had only uploaded the textures not even 48 hours previously, and the skin itself was a day old. There is no way she could have bought/been given this skin. To say I feel sick is an understatement. Not only did this lazy, spoilt asshole have my skin, but also the clothes I was wearing, my hair, eyes and god knows what else she got her greedy hands on. She had the nerve to tell me she bought it from me. Ahem. It makes me wonder how these people justify their neverending greed. What is it they tell themselves so they can sleep soundly at night? Or do they really not give a shit?
I was not the only one hit, apparently, after speaking with several other designers, she has been doing the rounds of stores for the last day or so. Do yourselves a favor, and ban her. There is no other way of protecting your content or renters (if you are a sim owner). I’m showing pictures of what I was wearing, so if it shows up in places it’s not supposed to, you guys can AR it right away.

Skin (unreleased)
Idiosyncrasy Justice v2 Pale base C
Posture Collar (custom)
Hat Mechanic
Dancing Queen-Fishy Strawberry
Eye Patch
Prestige Boots In Red-Bax Coen

Chaisuki @ The Fair

One of the first things I noticed when setting up at the fair was how many designers this year had done incredible lashes. I sadly am not one of them as I fail at anything to do with prims. Sasy was pulling her hair out at my first attempt of building new vendors for my store, “Don’t you let Mel see you haven’t snapped to grid” Promise I won’t :P

Chaisuki is one of those stores that has an incredible array of lashes. Check out Ms Winx’s post to see them in detail. Chaisuki’s release for the fair is just as awesome though, Elise is a sneak peek of things ot come, and she is lovely. Check out my boobs, this is cleavage to fall in love with! And the hairbase is really great, I’m loving this option in so many of my favorite skins.

Shown above is Gina, released not too long ago. The selection of makeup is mind boggling, Stein and I just stood in awe watching them being set up. Everything is covered, from natural, freshfaced to high fashion looks. My faves are of course the dark eye, nude lip. What will your favorite be? Ash Out.


Beauty Avatar @ The Fair

I’d tried to wear Beauty Avatar skins in the past, and mostly it was a very miss affair with my av. Something was always off for me, and I don’t know if thats because I have an odd shape or if it was the skin itself. But the release of Daria and Zeta had me doing the happy dance.

Daria shown above has a lovely, strong featured face. I found it very striking on my av and I’m sure the SL model set will flip over it. There are some really lovely makeup choices, as well as some subtle, natural looks. This is the light tone, and it’s terribly pretty.

Zeta is a totally different look than I usually go for, but I really liked the change. However, I think you need a strong shape for this skin as you could quite easily end up not looking like “you”. That being said, the makeup is dazzling and the blonde brows are awesome. Both Daria and Zeta feature softer bodies than the heavily sourced bodies that have become popular of late, which I think makes them a refreshing change. Demo them at the fair till the 22nd. Ash Out.


Your Skin Your Shape @ The Fair

I first discovered YS&YS through Sileny over at Freestyle. She was all up in my IM box one day to go check out the store cos the skins are lush. I did, and they are. I was also really happy to have Monicuzza as my other neighbour at the fair, I’m a lushness sammich, yay me :P

Her skinfair releases are beautiful. Nicole is shown above, and perfectly captures icy, nordic beauty. I adore the brows, and her hairbase is one of the best in SL (IMO)

Kelly is a stunning olive toned skin, again the brows are my faves. I love love thick brows, and these just rock it hard. There is something so terribly exotic about this face, it really is beautiful.

I have saved my ultimate favorite for last. Michelle absolutely won my little pixel heart, and had Justice chasing me round our property trying to pinch my butt :P The makeups, facial features are my kind of perfection. You really need to try the demos and have a bit of alone time adoring yourself! Ash Out.


Symphony SKins @ The Fair

Clare Hartford from Symphony Skins has been fairly quiet of late, but shown below is the proof she has been hard at work on yummy newness for you all.

Base is the darkest tone of Clare’s, and makes it’s debut exclusively at the Fair. It comes with a dazzling array of options, something I’ve noticed more and more skinmakers doing. In reality, you are very lucky and very spoilt by the value today’s skinmakers offer. With Base, you will get day/night makeup, light/dark brows, freckles/freshfaced, cleavage/regular bewbs.

The night makeups are my favorite, they are stunning and perfectly executed. Do have a look at Symphony Skins at the fair, there’s bound to be something to suit everyone’s taste. Ash Out.


PXL @ The Fair

There were a few releases at the fair that I was excited about for weeks beforehand, and PXL’s was one of those. Following Hart’s progress on Plurk, and being teased with yummy pics didn’t help my impatience!

July is a huge leap forward in my eyes. Hart asked me what I thought, and honestly, I think it’s his best work yet. There is a very definite difference between July’s face and previous releases. The lips and nose are the most obvious changes, both suiting my av beautifully. The gloss is subtle, but stunning, and the shape of the mouth is very sexy.

Hart has really gone to town option wise, you have the following eye makeups: nude, cat, dark and smoke. The following lips: Nude, Pale, Coffee, Pink, Rose, Red, Passion, Wine, 3 brow colours, freckles and cleavage. Phew. My fave makeup of all time on any skin is the dark, emo eye with a paler than pale lip, closely followed by fire engine red lips with a classic catliner. Both of those are done brilliantly by Hart.

The body is lovely and detailed, without being creepy real. You’ll have to demo to see that though :P There are 3 tones available at the fair, with more to be released soon. Ash Out.


GeES Designs @ Skinfair

GeEs Designs first came to my attention at the Skin/Shape Expo when they launched the gorgeous Tara Reloaded. For this fair, Tara has taken a trip round the world, and the results are awesome.

Shown here is Tara Reloaded-India, which was my absolute favorite of the bunch. Featuring some lovely makeups and a really delicate, very light grey tone, they are my standout. There are shaved/hair options, as well as matte/gloss lips.

Another favorite feature of mine is the bindi, a lovely touch I thought. At the fair you will find Tara Reloaded-India, Australia and America, all of which are a special price for the duration of the fair. Ash Out.


Adam & Eve @ Skinfair

I’m stoked to have Ms Sachi as a fair neighbour this time around. I got to see her in a boy av, and Hart in a girl av, such is the world of skinmaking :P Natasha and Natalie are only a month old, and have gorgeous Autumn makeups especially for the fair.

I really wanted to tackle one of Sachi’s lighter tones, I’m showing Natasha here in tone 1. It struck me as a really delicate redhead skin, although the vendor pic isn’t of a redhead. As soon as I put on my favie Tiny Bird hair I knew it was perfect.

The makeups are so lovely, and I really enjoyed not only the freckle options, but the boob options too, total yum. As with all Adam & Eve skins, Natasha comes with her own manicure and pedicure, you also get hairbase/freckle/boob options, making even a single skin a total bargain. Remember, fair opens 12pm slt on the 7th. Ash Out.

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