Heart & Sole

Another flurry of packing, a quick skim of the feed (I actually got no further than Dakota in a kilt *swoon*), a 4am testing of a posestand and here I am! I actually took these pics last week sometime, but I’m so easily sidetracked atm. I’m also nearly 48 hours without smoking, my doctor is stoked, me not so much. I have thusfar had a killer headache, nausea and dizzy spells. I’m using the E-cig to help me quit, so I’ve lowered my cartridge to the low nicotine version to help combat the dizzy.

A few months back, I had the pleasure of being introduced to Bijoux Lefavre from Heart & Sole. I fell in love with her shoes, and her philosophy of being a designer in SL. Great shoes, which are so easy to tint to your skin tone at a very very affordable price. So affordable in fact, I think I bought every pair of boots this lady has ever made, on a single visit to her store. I’m also showing something that had me tickled pink, a necklace from Silent Sparrow. Hya makes me happy, and Hya jewelery makes me even happier.

Morrigan from The Black Canary also makes me very happy, his creativity has me in awe everytime I speak to him and mostly I’d like to shrink him down to mini size so I could pocket him and carry him round the grid :P I love the effortless flowing between genders in all his creations, Justice is a die hard fan of Morri’s boy ensembles and carries them really well. I like both, and mix alot of the more girly tops with masculine pants. Shown here with another pair of shoes from Heart & Sole, for a feminine touch. Back to packing now then off to get my whirlwind of a daughter from school. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Heart & Sole
Silent Sparrow
Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)
Pic 2
The Black Canary
Heart & Sole
Idiosyncrasy (unreleased)

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