Bella Donna

Other people’s crap, theres nothing worse. Can you tell I’ve spent the morning cleaning my new place? The apartment is gorgy, but the people that lived there previously were grotty, and thats being kind :P Anyhoo, more pics that have been on my flickr for a bit and I’ve been meaning to post.

I was lucky enough to be given a preview of a yummy collab between Donna Flora and Erpla Prieto of Periquita. Bella Donna Poison is a very ornate range of shoes with prim feet such as the ones shown above. They really are beautiful, however, I do strongly urge you to try before you buy as the tinting HUD is quite tricky and I had some issues finding a shade to match my skins. The beautiful outfit is from Ingenue, and was one of my first buys in SL. I recently had to repurchase it, due to overzealous culling of inventory, there was much sadness :P

Still sticking with the retro theme, but a different era this time, my all time favorite outfit from Artilleri. The super cute flats are from Periquita, and made a real change for me as I hardly ever wear flats in SL. I love the shape of these, the pointy toe is just adorable. My hair is a recent release from Kitsune Couture, and it fits this look like a glove. Ash Out.

Pic 1
Bella Donna Poison
Pic 2

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