Now That I’m Settled

So I’ve had builders in, or rather I’ve been sitting around waiting for the builders to show up. In Aus, I always knew whoever was doing work on my house, because 9 times out of 10, it was one of the boys from our group of friends or someone they knew. So, there was never any let downs or not showing up, even if it was just to change a lightbulb for me (I are the small :P) Having only just moved back to London, I’m dealing with unknown entities, like Excuses Builder, Not Showing Up Builder, and my all time fave Completely Full Of Bollocks Builder :) So I’ve gotten rather behind on my blogging, and this is my first catch up post.

I based this look around the most amazing necklace from my favorite jewelery maker of all time. Get yourself to P/A and check out the newness. I loved this store back when it was called kiki’s Closet, I had never understood the point of SL Jewelery until then. And seeing as we had our first snow in London yesterday, I felt the need to layer my avatar, much as my rl self is layered. Starting with a tank from, with a classic white shirt over it from Apple May and some awesome jeans from SK Designs.

The beautiful jacket is an old 50L friday treasure from a few weeks ago courtesy of Niniko. It has multiple attachment points, which is such a bonus, especially when wearing jewelry or other attachments. And on that note, it’s back to PS I go, to process the 45675986759687 pictures I should have done already by now :P Ash Out.

Idiosyncrasy Justice
Fanfucking Amazing Necklace
Peturb Action
Apple May Designs
SK Designs
Surf Co

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  1. I love the necklace however the landmark you posted sends me to a store named xtc designs and there are no jewels here. can you double check location of the shop? thanks

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