Snatch Is The Word

It was Ivey’s rezday yesterday, time really flies doesnt it. I thought it was high time I did a post on her baby,Sn@tch for this blog. I used to cover her clothes frequently on Freestyle, but by nature of the blog it was quite restrictive. Also, Ms Ivey is responsible for giving me the information and tools I needed to finally quit smoking, something for which I will be eternaly grateful. After going through my massive folder yesterday, and also going a wee bit loco picking up new stuff, I let my imagination run wild.

I have 3 completely different looks to show you, as an example of the diversity you will find at Sn@tch. Above is my chav self, you’d be surprised at the amount of chicks rocking this very look in London right now, Camden Town especially, my favie part of London. I love love the suspenders. I remember vividly dragging Justice round the grid looking for such a pair during our first few months in SL. I found some eventually, but these rock it harder IMO.

The purchase of this dress started out as a hunt for a posture collar Sasy had seen. I’m still waiting for it to be released seperately hrmph :P The Beauty Of Poison dress is amazing, I was totally chaneling Morticia with the fishtail skirt. Notice the skin? It’s a special edition from SINdecade. You can only grab it at their Harajukubox location until the 28th, so get a wriggle on.

Yus, another snow picture!!! Today, it snowed so hard that mini Ash’s last day of term was cancelled, yay! We’re gonna make a snowman later. The High Street Coat is the closest I could find to resemble my rl coat, cept my rl one is black. It’s just got such good texturing, I wanna touch it through the screen. The pants were part of a fashion show gift from early last year, I forget which, but they are available to purchase in the seperates section. Check out everything Sn@tch has to offer, there really is something for everyone, and completely bloody affordable. Oh did I mention theyre trans too? Perfect for gifties. Ash Out.

All Clothes
Pic 1
Peturb Action
Pic 2
Pididdle (part of a limited edition set no longer avaialble)
Pic 3
Idiosyncrasy (not available yet, stay tuned :P)

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