Structured, outrageous and most definately not for the faint hearted, LeLutka‘s new collection. I missed the show unfortunately, due to the Dad of one of the girls at Mini Ash’s bday party turning up 2 hours late to pick her up. The less said about that the better.

I thought I would just show my 2 favies, instead of bombarding you with everything all at once! Shown above is Guile. At first glance, it’s the perfect “garden party” ensemble, then you zoom on the hat :P I’m not sure how most girls would feel about being turned into an Arachnid hybrid, but it suits me just fine.

Panic is another heavily structured piece. I’m not wearing the complete outfit here as I wanted to show that you can mix and match for a less “fashion” look, as the base pieces work just as well as stand alones. The skin I chose was a recent purchase from The Abyss. The caucasian skins there completely missed the mark for me, the makeup was far too heavy and very early 90’s, and the mouth huge. But this one suited my av quite nicely, but fair warning, it’s an expensive exercise buying a skin there. Ash Out.


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  1. I missed you at the show, zomg you should have BEEN THERE!!! Make sure you never invite that girl again, then patiently sit her down and explain it was all her Daddy’s fault.

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