Harajukubox has some great events throughout the year, including the awesometasttic skinfair. Christmas is of course the perfect excuse for some revelry and some great bargains., in the form of the My Faire Winter event from the 17th-28th December.

This first outfit is the offering from Acid & Mala, one of Justice’s favorite strores. The jacket is just incredible and fit perfectly, straight out the box. There are 2 girls outfits you can purchase, I got both cos I couldn’t decide between them :P The boots are courtesy of Sasy. After spending a ridonculous amount of time rl trying to find Docs in mini Ash’s size, we then all spent a ridonculous amount of time in sl looking for knee high Docs. The ones shown here from GOS are the perfect ankle/mid calf versions, depending on how you wear them.

It was actually this outfit from Riddle that had me running to the sim to buy all colours, ps please do a fatpack!!! It really is the cutest sweater dress/jacket combo, the texturing is so adorable. The jacket has the perfect hood on the back, and comes in 59678497598 colour combos. The skin is from Belleza, I finally got around to buying me some Jesse :P Buying the line is completely the way to go, I bought 2 lines so far, no doubt I’ll go back for more. Ash Out.


Pic 1
Acid & Mala @ Harajukubox
Pic 2
Riddle @ Harajukubox

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