Rebel Rebel

This is my final post about the 2010-The Future is Now event, and it really has got me thinking. What would the future be like if all the flaws and imperfections that make us so fragile and so human were gone? SL in particular seems to attract the most broken and damaged people, how would our SL be if we were all “perfect”?

Funny how Sasy and Mel always seem to be intune with what I’m thinking or feeling, even if we’ve all beeen doing the offline dance for a week! Sasy’s post here, struck a chord. It should with you too. Onto the clothes. The outfit is Rebel X‘s offering for the 2010-The Future Is Now event. Sidera 9 is gorgeous, structured, and screamed girl bot to me.

Speaking of girl bot, I just had to show you the skin, sans clothes. It’s a store Jussy found, on her quest for metal perfection. Terra’s Bodyart is a wonder of creativity and talent. Each piece is a work of art, and completely fucking seamless. When you see what she has on offer there, you’ll understand why that such a big deal. From stunning chrome goddesses, to yakuza tattooed skins, if you want something unique and very different, this is the place to find it. Terra also does custom art, you just need to IM her to discuss it. Ash out.

Rebel X
Terra’s Bodyart


Bella Bella Bella

I love logging into “Bella Bombast has offered you………” which is usually followed by “damn youre offline!” This always makes me giggle because I don’t hide my online status, and she’s on my friends list :P But I do understand the bubble, the one designers get into when there’s an upcomming release, and Elvis could be online for all they know (and most likely is, but that’s another story)

I have a gorgeous dress to show you from Uzuri, the Hamu, along with the latest hair from The snow has long since melted over here in my part of the world, and already I’m looking forward to spring. My sl has reflected that, with me and Jussy redoing our land and our choice in day to day clothes. Hat hair is my all time fave, and I’ve been waiting for a fedora to replace my beloved ETD one. I think I may have found it. And check out the gorgy biker jacket, also from Uzuri. It’s all prims, so get ready to edit.

The skin shown in the pic above is Lelutka‘s contribution to sl’s fundraising effort for Haiti. One thing I love most about our community is how we all pull together in times of crisis. Be it as a creator or a consumer, anything you can do is something.

Bringing it home with the 3rd hair for this release and a classic colour for the Hamu dress. And now, my boring ass must bid you adieu as Mini Ash is on a ridonculous sugar high after a birthday party…….wish me luck :P Ash Out.

All Hair
All Clothes
Skins Pics 1&3
Skins Pic 2

The Future Is Barerose

We already knew Barerose can’t be beaten for diversity and value. June’s creativity runs the gammit of every possible fashion genre, and then some. To say Jussy and I were stoked to see Barerose in the 2010-The Future is Now show is something of an understatement.

Echidna is spectacular. Just the right combination of smex and badass, and beautiful texturing. Yes, it’s armour, but it’s feminine and can totally be worn minus some of the prim parts.

And of course, you absolutely cannot beat the price. You get everything, including boots, so no need to go on a grid crawl trying to find something to match (unless you want to that is :P) Ash Out.

Barerose for the 2010-The Future Is Now Event
Black Maria

The Future Is Gaga

One of the things I noticed about the Future Is Now show, was how supportive the designers were of each other during. One such designer who was sitting in chat range of me was SySy Chapman. She was whopping and cheering for every design that came down the runway, and I could hear her also making a note of what she was gonna buy :P

Gaga is SySy’s creation for the event. It comes in a range of colours, and yes, I have nipple lasers, deal with it! The skin I’m wearing is from KA Designs, also for the event. I was chatting with Winter about the KA skins, he said he wanted a main stream skin designer who could “bring it” and I think Kira covered that quite nicely.

The beautiful hair is from Exile, it comes with fibre optic attachments and braid attachments, for some reason my client wasnt rezzing prims correctly yesterday, so sadly I cant show you the braids. Take my word for it though, they are the cute! Ash Out.

KA Designs
All Available at the Greenies sim as part of the 2010-The Future Is Now Event.

The Future Is Eve

When Thora gave me this folder I just about died and went to girlbot heaven. This is Leltuka‘s contribution to the 2010-The Future Is Now event, and was the showstopper of the fashion show. After totally freaking Sasy and Whimsy out, I knew the EVE avatar had the desired effect :P I’m so ebil!

You get absolutely everything you need to make this look yours, including a HUD to customize the colours of the tail and eyes. You will need to wear the shape provided, unless youre the awesome at editing prims (which I am not)

What makes this av all the more interesting for me, is Thora’s departure from the high fashion side of things, she really let loose and had her imagination run wild. I hope she does more along these lines in the future, who knows what shameless begging will do for a girl! Ash Out.

Lelutka for 2010-The Future Is Now

Intro To Vaping

This is the best and most comprehensive guide on the net to “vaping” by Spikey from Vapers Forum.

Thanks to Ivey and the folks over at the forum, my life has changed completely. I havent touched a regular cig since December and I have never felt better. Check out the forum, there’s heaps of great info including health articles that are a fascinating read.

The Future Is Sn@tch

The first of my series of posts for the amazing 2010-The Future Is Now event. I was lucky enough to have a front row seat, along with Eden and Jussy. There were some absolute stunners, and it was incredible to see everyone thinking outside the box.

future5 copy1

As soon as this came down the runway, Jussy and I were all WANT. Then when we realised it was created by Ivey as Sn@tch‘s contribution, we were DOUBLE WANT. The avatar is absolutely stunning in every way. It comes complete with skin, hair, eyes, clothes, and the showstopper tentacles.

future4 copy1

Kali is the Goddess of time and change, and has been flung into the 21st century exqusitely by Ivey. If the future is nipple tentacles, gimme moremoremore!! I wanted Jussy to model for me, cos she totally rocked the av hard. Now I’ve got to catch up with my overflowing to blog folder, a week off is like a month in SL :P Ash Out.

Sn@tch (only available at the Greenies sim)
Ms Infinity