I’ve had a totally lazy couple of weeks blogging wise. Jussy has had time off work, and I soo didnt want to spend that time with me on a posestand. She’s back now alas, but so am I :P

Remember Soda? I do, Charlotte’s skins are some of my favorites in SL, hands down. She had a long hiatus, but now she’s back, and has her store at my stomping ground The Deck. I kept popping in as soon as Sasy told me she was setting up. At that point, she only had The Girl Nextdoor skins from her Persona range set up. So I set up camp until she put up The pinup. Even a single skin is such a bargain as you get 4 different lip versions. That brings the fat pack in at around 32 skins.

There is a face for every girl, and any mood you might have. These are hybrid skins, leaning heavier on the hand drawn side, making for a gorgy soft finish. A little bird tells me there will be a release in the not too distant future, but do demo the Persona range, theyre lush. And what better to go with my pinupedness (yes it’s a word :P) than the Sura Suit from Beauty Avatar? And some sparkles on my pics, cos Sasy and I cant stop talking about Ponys that sparkle :P Ash Out.

Beauty Avatar
The Pinup-Soda

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