Then And Now

Thanks Sofia for making me take a trip down memory lane. The earliest outfit I could find was from May 07. Having gone through several inventory purges and 4 (count em) laptops since I started in sl, thats little wonder! The skin holds a very special place in my heart, as one night in a club, while listening to some amazing music, a girl IM’d me asking where I got my skin from. I took her to Celestial, and 3 years later, Justice and I have never looked back.

then and now

I loved this black dress, everytime I went somewhere formal, this was the dress I pulled out. And no 07 av was complete without Naughty hair, though the brand long ago lost it’s lustre for me. Fast forward to now, I’m no longer 100 tall, rail thin with massive bewbs and the biggest mouth this side of the equator. One thing I have learned, is looking like the Joker is never the smex :P Ash Out.

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  1. swallows you whole
    cute look, never had naughty hair, wanted the one with the headband , tried it on recently and went um nexxxxxt


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