The Future Is Eve

When Thora gave me this folder I just about died and went to girlbot heaven. This is Leltuka‘s contribution to the 2010-The Future Is Now event, and was the showstopper of the fashion show. After totally freaking Sasy and Whimsy out, I knew the EVE avatar had the desired effect :P I’m so ebil!

You get absolutely everything you need to make this look yours, including a HUD to customize the colours of the tail and eyes. You will need to wear the shape provided, unless youre the awesome at editing prims (which I am not)

What makes this av all the more interesting for me, is Thora’s departure from the high fashion side of things, she really let loose and had her imagination run wild. I hope she does more along these lines in the future, who knows what shameless begging will do for a girl! Ash Out.

Lelutka for 2010-The Future Is Now

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