The Future Is Gaga

One of the things I noticed about the Future Is Now show, was how supportive the designers were of each other during. One such designer who was sitting in chat range of me was SySy Chapman. She was whopping and cheering for every design that came down the runway, and I could hear her also making a note of what she was gonna buy :P

Gaga is SySy’s creation for the event. It comes in a range of colours, and yes, I have nipple lasers, deal with it! The skin I’m wearing is from KA Designs, also for the event. I was chatting with Winter about the KA skins, he said he wanted a main stream skin designer who could “bring it” and I think Kira covered that quite nicely.

The beautiful hair is from Exile, it comes with fibre optic attachments and braid attachments, for some reason my client wasnt rezzing prims correctly yesterday, so sadly I cant show you the braids. Take my word for it though, they are the cute! Ash Out.

KA Designs
All Available at the Greenies sim as part of the 2010-The Future Is Now Event.

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