Bella Bella Bella

I love logging into “Bella Bombast has offered you………” which is usually followed by “damn youre offline!” This always makes me giggle because I don’t hide my online status, and she’s on my friends list :P But I do understand the bubble, the one designers get into when there’s an upcomming release, and Elvis could be online for all they know (and most likely is, but that’s another story)

I have a gorgeous dress to show you from Uzuri, the Hamu, along with the latest hair from The snow has long since melted over here in my part of the world, and already I’m looking forward to spring. My sl has reflected that, with me and Jussy redoing our land and our choice in day to day clothes. Hat hair is my all time fave, and I’ve been waiting for a fedora to replace my beloved ETD one. I think I may have found it. And check out the gorgy biker jacket, also from Uzuri. It’s all prims, so get ready to edit.

The skin shown in the pic above is Lelutka‘s contribution to sl’s fundraising effort for Haiti. One thing I love most about our community is how we all pull together in times of crisis. Be it as a creator or a consumer, anything you can do is something.

Bringing it home with the 3rd hair for this release and a classic colour for the Hamu dress. And now, my boring ass must bid you adieu as Mini Ash is on a ridonculous sugar high after a birthday party…….wish me luck :P Ash Out.

All Hair
All Clothes
Skins Pics 1&3
Skins Pic 2

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