Rebel Rebel

This is my final post about the 2010-The Future is Now event, and it really has got me thinking. What would the future be like if all the flaws and imperfections that make us so fragile and so human were gone? SL in particular seems to attract the most broken and damaged people, how would our SL be if we were all “perfect”?

Funny how Sasy and Mel always seem to be intune with what I’m thinking or feeling, even if we’ve all beeen doing the offline dance for a week! Sasy’s post here, struck a chord. It should with you too. Onto the clothes. The outfit is Rebel X‘s offering for the 2010-The Future Is Now event. Sidera 9 is gorgeous, structured, and screamed girl bot to me.

Speaking of girl bot, I just had to show you the skin, sans clothes. It’s a store Jussy found, on her quest for metal perfection. Terra’s Bodyart is a wonder of creativity and talent. Each piece is a work of art, and completely fucking seamless. When you see what she has on offer there, you’ll understand why that such a big deal. From stunning chrome goddesses, to yakuza tattooed skins, if you want something unique and very different, this is the place to find it. Terra also does custom art, you just need to IM her to discuss it. Ash out.

Rebel X
Terra’s Bodyart

4 thoughts on “Rebel Rebel

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    1. Thank you Winter, for trusting me and believing in me.
      Thank you for the wonderful job you did getting all this together, cat hearding should go on your resume :P
      And thank you for lending me your box to emo into, even though you were busy as fuck. I promise not to tell anyone the vampire is a sekret softie…….rawr!

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