Casual Fridays

So I’ve been getting this really weird bug, where I’m seeing alpha halos round everything. I know theyre not supposed to be there, and I only get them at certain angles, but it’s made taking pictures absolute hell. Is anyone else having this issue?

Apart from the texture weirdness, I’ve been a wee bit distracted and have gotten terribly behind again, so I’ll be playing catchup for a bit. After all the amazing over the top outfits I’ve shown the last couple of weeks, I felt the need to show a relaxed look. Casual and comfy, but still sexy….in that girl next door kinda way.’s latest release fits the bill perfectly, beautiful scoop back sweaters and adorable hair. I love the fact that from the front, these sweaters look so demure, but turn round and bam! Smexy. I have a love for scoop backs in rl, my whole back is tattooed, so backless clothes are like mecca for me.

I could kill Justice….last week I had a hankering for a denim mini skirt, so she sends me to the Plastik. Of course, the skirts I bought are so fucking perfect, I am now ruined for any other denim mini. Ruined I say….bah. The beautiful skins shown throughout are the new release from Amacci. Felicia is so pretty, I’ve shown her in the Bronze tone. You have about 16 makeups to choose from, so there’s a look for all tastes and all the amazing options skin designers have spoilt us with of late. Back to Photoshop I go, thats if I dont get distracted again in the meantime :P Ash Out.

Tops & Hair

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    Kidding aside you look HOT!

    Ashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaa I ___________________ *snickers*


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