School’s Out

School, college, university………one of the most popular RP scenarios in SL. I won’t name sims, you already know them you dirty lot :P Guys generally take on the “teacher” role, not counting the fabulous headmistress at School Girls Gone Bad, but thats a bedtime story for another time.

Dressing the part helps suspend your belief and immerse yourself in the RP, much in the same way a snippet of fact in a book of fiction tricks your brain into believing the whole story.

SL is all about possibilities, and I have such fun turning stereotypes on their heads. Sure, wanna play naughty college students? I’ll be the teacher dammit :p Thats why I was more than stoked to find the outfit I’m showing today.

This school teachers outfit from MPS is so hot it should be fucking illegal. I blame Sasy of course, for posting the cheeky mini skirts from there. As soon as this rezzed in for me, it was right click buy with no hesitation at all. It even comes with a nifty pointer, which could double as a switch depending on your frame of mind. On the RP subject, one thing that never ceases to amaze me, is the people that say they loath it so much, they have a whole list of scenarios that upset them listed in their profiles, while claiming to never have set foot in an RP sim. Really, really? I call shenanigans. Ash Out.


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