A Nyte To Remember

Half term is over!!! It’s been a week of disney movies, junk food, and utter sillyness! I have poorly neglected my blogging duties, amid my sim being offline for 12 hours after the update and my av being ghosted in a poor ladies store (btw thanks for getting the sim restarted twice for me :P) The only time I remember the grid being this unstable was during my early months in sl, 3 years ago. Note to self, go on holidays whenever LL decides to upgrade their server hardware.

After being stuck in the same outfit for the best part of a week, (I was too scared to change) I couldnt help myself when the new release from Nyte ‘N’ Day came out. Beautiful coats, and a really sultry dress, available in co-ordinating colours.

The texturing is perfection, and you get 3 different size options for the jacket, to ensure a perfect fit. The dress is so figure huggingly sexy it should be illegal.

This also gave me a chance to break out some old favie skins, plus a new release from Amacci. The goth version of Felicia is beautiful and there are some amazing makeup choices, go get the demos. Ash Out.

Nyte ‘N’ Day




Paper Couture

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