Look, it’s been swell, but the swelling’s gone down.

Note from Ash: This was written on the 7th Feb
Funny how our group all thinks so alike where clothes are concerned. We all seem to have influenced each other so much. Example: I was processing the pics for this post, as Sasy had published hers. We hadnt spoken about what we were covering, indeed it could have been anything as Sasy went on a blogging frenzy last week!

I love getting anything from Adorkable Peapod. Quirky and cute poses, great photoprops and poseballs, all done with a tongue in cheek humor that appeals to me so much. When I opened this particular pack, and saw the word guns, much squeeling ensued. I knew they would be perfect for the latest release from SK Designs.

The Cthulhu outfit from SK, is strong, sexy, and something you could totally kick ass in while looking spectacular :P Jussy bought me the most perfect of all perfect boots everer last year. I’ve been meaning to show them, but as with alot of things I mean to do blogging wise, I ended up just wearing them to death and keeping them all to myself! Get thee to Caverna Obscura, for these…you wont regret it. Ash Out.

SK Designs
Hat Mechanic
Caverna Obscura

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