Something Old

It’s the second anniversary of Inventory Episode this month and I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane. The dress shown is one of my all time favorites, and was at the time a freebie from the talented creator behind Slow Kitchen. Nothing has lasted so long in my inv, bar my precious Last Call collection of goodies that I could never part with. Everything else is fair game and I make Sasy weep when I delete without even trying on!

The dress is still perfection in my eyes the perfect amount of swish and lace without being over the top girly. It’s the kind of thing you could throw over a bikini and head to Bondi wearing, then dress it up with heels for a nightime BBQ.

Having not bought hair for an eon, when I saw this little baby on Sasy’s blog I had to have. Tgcy, is beautiful, the scarf is amazing and colour change. My only complaint about Mirai is the blonde, I really would like a different texture/colour for the blonde tones. I’ll admit it, I’m a blonde snob, it has to be perfect, or it can end up looking ashy, or worse orange. Having been a colour technician once upon a lifetime ago before mini Ash came along, tone of blonde hair is very important to me.

Ohh baby has new shoooz! Platform sole? Check. Ridonkulously high heel? Check. Adorables ankle socks to add to the cute? Check and mate. Get yours from Pixel mode in 5486745674 different colours. So there you have it, something old, something new…Happy Birfday Inventory Episode, it’s been a fucking crazy ride! Ash Out.

Mirai Style
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When The Nyte Has Come…

Blame the bunnehs, blame RL, blame the feed…for whatever reasons, I have been feeling less than stellar about blogging. Time off has been amazing, just hanging out with the girls and doing bugger all. Wearing the same clothes and hair for a week on end *le gasp* and spending my lindens on things other than fashion. Sasy joked last week that the sl echonomy would come to a screeching halt if I stopped spending entirely, so in that vein, here’s some newness I could not resist if I tried!


These impeccible dresses are the newest release from Nyte N Day. The Stint dress comes in the most beautiful understated colours, perfect for taking from day to night with a swipe of lippy and a shake of the hair :P Speaking of hair, I’m wearing the latest releases from Cassidy comes in 2 versions, both of which I love.


Omg lingerie with no peekaboo :P Yes the lingerie from Nyte N Day is grown up, classy, and not a hint of a pastie in sight, thank god. The Tittle set is gorgeous, and as the title suggests, tittilation is the key, after all, who would want the milkshake if they can get the herd of cows for free? :P Hrmm, now I’m craving dairy products, go figure. Ash Out.

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