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One of the most exciting days of Hair Fair has always been Bloggers Day – this year it will be 3rd September. Exciting for the committee because it is a test run for the event, and exciting for the designers as their new releases are revealed to people from all over the world. In the hopes that they will share their creations through blog posts with amazing pictures and delightful insights.

This year we are making sure that enough notice is given for bloggers from all over Second Life to apply for admission to that event. It is limited in numbers, because the sims themselves have avatar limits, and there are many hundreds of bloggers.

Priority will be given of course to bloggers that did a lot of posts on the event last year, as well as those that feature and give credit to hair in their posts all year round. The bloggers must also be regular bloggers, with visible posts crediting them as author.

All bloggers applying will have to provide a link to their blogs, as well as a minimum of three blog posts relating to either Hair Fair past, or Posts that they feel are focused towards hair – no editing of previous posts. Full Avatar name, as well as flickr link if you have one.

All applications are to be done in the comments of the post on the Hair Fair blog HERE , the comments are moderated, the info will not show to the public. ONLY the committee will see the applications, this is not meant to be a cattle call, but we do not want to miss out on anyone due to Second Life lag, and the possible misdirection of notecards.

If you are not a fashion blogger, but an events blogger, who would like to do a feature on the event, please apply, we would love to see the event covered as a whole, including info about the charity Wigs for Kids etc.

You must have your comment application in by the 10th of August, as preparations for the event will need to be organised, and invitations sent out.Only one blogger per blog may be accepted due to limits.

Thank you All
Hair Fair Committee


Hair Fair 2010 Flickr Contest


Hair Fair Flickr Contest

It’s getting very close!! Have you joined the Flickr group? Are your creative juices flowing? Are you ready to see some of the amazing prizes donators? We have been incredibly blessed to be offered prizes from the following awesome stores:

Adam N Eve
Baskin Bobbins
Berries Inc
Bliss Couture
Calico Ingmann Creations
Denier Cri
Discord Designs
Gumi’s Bad Box
Hair solutions
Ivanka Akina
MINA Hair Fashion
Nikita Fride
The Stringer Mausoleum
Tik Tok
Tutti Frutti
VR Foundry
W. Winx
Whats New Sl

If you would like to donate a prize, please contact Ashia Tomsen in world via notecard stating the prize you would like to donate and your LM. You dont have to be a hair designer to donate a prize…we dont discriminate! To donate a prize you only need to fill in the info on a notecard to Ashia Tomsen, listing what you will provide to the winner once the contest is over. The winners will then contact you to receive their prizes after the event, no items need be passsed prior to that, other than a notecard with the intent to give.


Hair Fair 2010 Official Flickr Contest


Hair Fair Flickr Contest

The time has come to let you know about the official Hair Fair 2010 Flickr contest! This is something we run every year for you guys to show off your amazing creativity and talent, and of course your favorite hairs! For a full list of rules please see the Flickr group here. The group is open for joining now, but uploads are disabled until August 1st. If you would like to donate prizes for the contest, please contact me ( Ashia Tomsen) inworld or at



Today is a very very good day in Ashland!! Not only are there some scrummy releases from E! Eclectic, but Redgrave has done something I find very interesting, yus we have RP skins!!!

e2 copy

But first, one of the gorgeous dresses from E! I had been looking for a dress just like the Masami dress shown here, for ages. I had originaly wanted to do a seventies kinda look, but the best laid plans always go to waste (read I’m very easily distracted!) I chose the red for this post, but theres a huge range of colours, so youre sure to find your favorite.

e3 copy

So, Redgrave and vampire/RP are not really words one would expect to find in the same sentence, but here we are! Trinity is an incredible release. I went with the Daylight pack, as they required minimal tweaking.

e4 copy

The makeups are absolutely spectacular, and such a departure from the signature Redgrave look…a welcome departure in my book. You really have to see these on inworld, I was totally floored, especially by the teary mascara. There is of course the usual smudgy look, but these tears look so real!

e5 copy

You get 12 makeups in this pack, and a choice of base/bald. Sadly no cleavage option, perhaps thats something that will be added later as you can get “bewbs” for every other tone.


And just for fun, Jussy and me at “dinnertime” hehehe. She’s also wearing a dress from E! It’s called Minami, and is more of a babydoll style, with very sexy spaggetti straps. Now I gotta go clean up, humans are such messy creatures when you have them for dinner over for dinner :P Ash Out.

E! – Eclectic



I’m A Slacker :P

I’ve been a complete blogging slacker of late, but when Beulah Mills invited me to preview the new L’abel release (yes I realise it’s already out :P) I was not only stoked but very excited. I put together a few diff looks that I will stagger over 2 or 3 posts…gotta pace myself yaknow!

amacci3 copy

This is the Ninon dress in all it’s floaty goodness. It reminded me so much of the style of clothes my old dance teacher used to wear, she always had such poise and carried herself with the utmost grace. It’s the kind of dress that makes you straighten your back and stand tall.

amacci2 copy

There is a choice of lovely soft colors, even the black is plush looking and almost touchable. Digging through my out of control inv, I found a pack Carina Larsen from Amacci had sent me awhile back.


The Helen release offers a beautiful range of tones, makeups cleavage options and hair bases to suit everyones taste. The red base particularly caught my eye, incredibly well done. It also comes with a hair knot to match your chosen base, and it is quite simple my favorite hair attachment to date. It is so realistic and well done, I was hard pressed to take it off.


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