I’m A Slacker :P

I’ve been a complete blogging slacker of late, but when Beulah Mills invited me to preview the new L’abel release (yes I realise it’s already out :P) I was not only stoked but very excited. I put together a few diff looks that I will stagger over 2 or 3 posts…gotta pace myself yaknow!

amacci3 copy

This is the Ninon dress in all it’s floaty goodness. It reminded me so much of the style of clothes my old dance teacher used to wear, she always had such poise and carried herself with the utmost grace. It’s the kind of dress that makes you straighten your back and stand tall.

amacci2 copy

There is a choice of lovely soft colors, even the black is plush looking and almost touchable. Digging through my out of control inv, I found a pack Carina Larsen from Amacci had sent me awhile back.


The Helen release offers a beautiful range of tones, makeups cleavage options and hair bases to suit everyones taste. The red base particularly caught my eye, incredibly well done. It also comes with a hair knot to match your chosen base, and it is quite simple my favorite hair attachment to date. It is so realistic and well done, I was hard pressed to take it off.


Skins & Hair

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