Today is a very very good day in Ashland!! Not only are there some scrummy releases from E! Eclectic, but Redgrave has done something I find very interesting, yus we have RP skins!!!

e2 copy

But first, one of the gorgeous dresses from E! I had been looking for a dress just like the Masami dress shown here, for ages. I had originaly wanted to do a seventies kinda look, but the best laid plans always go to waste (read I’m very easily distracted!) I chose the red for this post, but theres a huge range of colours, so youre sure to find your favorite.

e3 copy

So, Redgrave and vampire/RP are not really words one would expect to find in the same sentence, but here we are! Trinity is an incredible release. I went with the Daylight pack, as they required minimal tweaking.

e4 copy

The makeups are absolutely spectacular, and such a departure from the signature Redgrave look…a welcome departure in my book. You really have to see these on inworld, I was totally floored, especially by the teary mascara. There is of course the usual smudgy look, but these tears look so real!

e5 copy

You get 12 makeups in this pack, and a choice of base/bald. Sadly no cleavage option, perhaps thats something that will be added later as you can get “bewbs” for every other tone.


And just for fun, Jussy and me at “dinnertime” hehehe. She’s also wearing a dress from E! It’s called Minami, and is more of a babydoll style, with very sexy spaggetti straps. Now I gotta go clean up, humans are such messy creatures when you have them for dinner over for dinner :P Ash Out.

E! – Eclectic



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