Fashionably Dead @ hair Fair 2010


Last year’s Hair Fair offering from Toast Bard had me running round wearing a saucepan on my head, I even worked it wearing a ballgown once :P This year’s hair is romantic, soft and gorgeous.

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Native in Cream Filling

I bought the Earths pack in the 4 styles I’m showing, as I’ve been flitting between blonde and brunette lately, but honestly, nothing beats a naturals pack….I miss those!

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Twins in Peanut

This is perfect Jussy hair, I hope she grabs it after having cleaned out all the guy stores for the shorter hair offerings!

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Bug Lady in Cream Filling

This is the perfect choppy bob, I love the fringe (bangs if youre in the states!)

Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
Lopsided Lilly in Peanut

This last style reminds me of the time mini me came into the lounge room from the kitchen, and handed me a chunk of her beautiful baby curls that she had lopped off while I was on the phone, I’m still not over that one :P Check out Fashionably Dead, as well as the other incredible designers at this years Hair Fair, there really is something for everyone. Ash Out.


Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair

Paris LullabyIngenue

Demon Cake

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