The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010


SL is an amazing place, yes it frustrates us when the grid is broken, but without the grid, borked or working, we would lose this incredible medium of communication with each other. My luck in this virtual world is to be surrounded by some of the most creative, talented women on the grid. One such woman is Helena Stringer. If you look up the word scrappy in the SL dictionary, it has a picture of her demon self, no doubt petrifying a mere mortal :P This year, she has beaten the RL odds, and now..thank goodness has come back to us with an array of goodies to make us drool.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010

Shown above is the fair exclusive hair Pearl Persuasion. Yup…I totally have a whole heap of pearls on my head…and don’t they look divine! You could soo do the modern Marie Antoinette, or take it in a completely different direction as I chose to.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010

I have robots!!!! Teeny robots decorating my head…thanks to RoboBambie. The textures are absolutely amazing, I chose the pastel rainbows pack.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair 2010

Heres more of the same…sans robots. And to bring it full circle, that it’s not just about the hair….we hit the million linden mark sometime yesterday. I’m so proud of all the designers who gave their time this year, and my fellow committee members, you all rock! Ash Out.

The Stringer Mausoleum @ Hair Fair
BodysuitLine @ Designers United


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