Hair Fair 2011 Official Flickr Contest

The time has come to let you know about the official Hair Fair 2011 Flickr contest! This is a super popular part of the Hair Fair event that we run every year and it’s the perfect place to show off your favorite hair and your incredible creativity! For a full list of rules please see the Flickr group here. The group is open for joining now, but uploads are disabled until May 23rd. If you would like to donate prizes for the contest, please contact me ( Ashia Tomsen) inworld or at

Hair Fair 2011 Flickr Contest

Below is a list of some of the incredible stores who will be donating prizes this year, with prizes being added daily.
Rock Candy
Vanity hair
VR Studio
W Winx

If you would like to donate a prize, please contact Ashia Tomsen in world via notecard stating the prize you would like to donate and your LM. You dont have to be a hair designer to donate a prize…we dont discriminate! To donate a prize you only need to fill in the info on a notecard to Ashia Tomsen, listing what you will provide to the winner once the contest is over. The winners will then contact you to receive their prizes after the event, no items need be passsed prior to that, other than a notecard with the intent to give.

Hair Fair Banner 2011

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