My god, just when I think I’m done shopping for a bit, someone goes and releases something I have to have! So this is why, even though I’ve spent over 50k this month, I crept off the other night mid conversation to check out the summer collection at LeLutka.

lelutka 3

This my favorite outfit, the Safari pants are to die for, and as Sasy says, the shirt is a total must have. I’ve shown it here without the pec attachment for a tucked in look, but it looks just as beautiful with. The shorts come in several versions in the folder, scripted, sized, along with several alpha layers. If youre a viewer 2 user you can layer up on alphas. If youre a phoenix, or other viewer user, the alphas are copy/mod, so you can add them to your shoe alphas. So many possibilities!

lelutka 2

I so wanted a new pair of Jeans. I’ve been wearing my Plastik jeans for 2 years, and I was long overdue a change! The Caprica‘s fitted that bill for me nicely, coming with 2 versions in the folder with 3 different kinds of cuffs, so you really get your money’s worth. Oh the cardigan!! I have a RL staple just like it and I’m stoked I can wear it in SL now. The RL version gets me stopped in the street on a regular basis, and the SL version is just as stunning.

lelutka 1

The Soho shorts can be super cute, or super sexy depending on how you choose to wear them….and LOL @ them being called Soho :P I paired them with the Requiem shirt in Ocean, for a splash of colour. I love teal with tans, browns and nudes, it just works so well. The shoes I dont really need to tell you about, I’ve seen them on just about everyone while out and about, for a very good reason. They are the awesome! This is just a small sample of what I picked up, I cant wait to get into mixing and matching!

Skin worn throughoutIdiosnycrasy – Natasha
Hair worn throughoutLeLutka – Biel, Inverted & Rain
All Clothes & ShoesLeLutka
Poses, LeLutka, KS2cool, Tram

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  1. oh god, i’ve been fighting the temptation to go bc i know how much i’m ging to spend…. i think you’ve just tipped the scales… i want those shorts and those jeans! :O

    You look gorgeous

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