Hair Fair – Wasabi Pills

Hair Fair Banner 2011

I think it’s safe to say minime has made a full and speedy recovery, apparently I’m a meanie who’s mean (I asked her to clean her room). Aah the joys and rewards of motherhood. However, while she’s in said disaster zone room, I can sneak in a ninja post!

hf post wasabi

There’s something about Hair Fair that brings out the adorable, the wacky and the totally eccentric in our beloved hair creators. Today I have the adorable portion covered with the releases from Wasabi Pills. I’ve totally rocked this look above in RL, especially when minime was a baby and still on the bottle. She would get so fussy if there was any hair on my face, and this was a super quick solution!

hf post wasabi 2

hf post wasabi 3

How cute are these bows! You get a huge choice of textures and colours at the click of a button, so it’s very easy to match to your outfit. I love the heavy bangs too, in RL they annoy me, but in SL I can rock it.

hf post wasabi 4

Supercute braids to finish, another summer favie. I used to love wearing braids to the beach, then shaking them out in the evening for a no effort beachy wavy look. Course now you can do the same thing with sea salt styling spray, but you get my point! I’d better go now, I hear banging and crashing of the disastrous kind coming from the evil room of doom, LOL she really must be cranky with me :P

All Hair – Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair 2011 REVIEW
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha
Top – Fishy Strawberry

Hair Fair Banner 2011

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