Hair Fair – Tekeli-li

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Omg omg soo running out of time!! I’m gonna have to bombard you with posts for the next few days just to get through all the stores I want to show.

hf tek

When it comes to incredible, intricate and ornate hair, Tekeli-li is the store to go to. Covering all sorts of RP genres, the hair you will find there is decorated, detailed and gorgeous.

hf tek 2

You get so much bang for your buck, with all the jewels, metals, accessories being colour/texture change.

hf tek 3

I first discovered this store when I went through my monacle phase, a period in my SL I remember fondly. I found an excuse to wear said eyepiece with just about every outfit I owned. I think it was around the time I only wore hooves, but thats a bedtime story for another time :P

hf tek 4

Every style is a work of art to me. This is another store that has me awed by the creativity and care that goes into each and every hair/piece of jewellery.

hf tek 5

You must get to the booth before the fair closes, as I think all these styles are must haves!



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