Hair Fair – Amacci

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Today I’m bringing you an old favie. Amacci is the store owned and run by the fabulous Carina Larsen. She’s an uber talented lady, with many aspects to her store. She’s made her name though, with her beautiful skins and hair.

hf amacci

You absolutely cannot beat these textures, there are so yummy. The hairbases make the styles for me, these are version 2 bases. If you dont have them yet…you do need them!

hf amacci 2

For me, Amacci hair comes into it’s own when there are no bangs involved. My favorite of Carina’s designs always involve the hair being pulled off the face.

hf amacci 3

This red is stunning. It’s the perfect shade, and see what I mean about the hair pulled back?

hf amacci 4

The whisps of hair around the hairline are so gorgeous, and they really stand out with this particular shade.

hf amacci 5

Dont forget to stop by the booth before the fair ends, and also while youre there, snap a shot for the second Flickr photo contest. Details can be found HERE.


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