Hair Fair – Mixed bag II

Hair Fair Banner 2011

Stand by for a super massive pic heavy post!

hf post ploom

hf post ploom 2

hf post ploom 3

hf post ploom 4

Those of us that have been around for a long time will remember Deviant Kitties. I loved that store so hard, and now although re-branded to become Ploom, my love is just as fierce. The hair is still beautiful, diverse and unique. The first hair shown here, for me is a bit of a nod to those long gone DK days by way of the coontail streak.

hf post pocket mirrors
Pocket Mirrors

hf post pocket mirrors 2
Pocket Mirrors

hf post pocket mirrors 3
Pocket Mirrors

Pocket Mirrors is a new to me store, and I feel a favorite coming on!! Their fair releases are retro gorgeous, and so perfect to show the Pinup lingerie from Blue Blood.

hf post hairoin

hf post hairoin 2

hf post hairoin 3

hf post hairoin 4

And last but by no means least, Hairoin…for us addicted people. I loved the red texture in the packs I was lucky to receive, hence the colour change from my usual platinum blonde. This year, I’ve had the pleasure of being able to really experiment with colour and break away from my staples of either blonde or black. Do you do the same for the fair? Or do you stick to your regular shades of choice?

Pics 1-4
Hair – Ploom @ Hair Fair 2011
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha
Top – Priss – (old group gift)

Pics 5-7
Hair – Pocket Mirrors @ Hair Fair 2011 REVIEW
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha
Lingerie – Blue Blood – Pinup Lingerie

Pics 8-11
Hair – Hairoin @ Hair Fair 2011 REVIEW
Skin – Idiosyncrasy – Natasha
Outfit – Royal Blue (was made for DU Vaudville, not sure if still avail)

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